Homemade Natural Yogurt

The missus sent me up the shops back in March for a tub of Greek yogurt, and while contemplating the price whilst in the checkout queue I thought that £1.85 was a bit expensive for a tub of what is essentially gone off milk!

So I made a decision, I would buy this tub and then keep it going.

Fried Chicken-1-5

After I got home and handed the tub of yogurt over to the boss and said “dont use it all leave me a tablespoon in the bottom of the tub” which she did whilst looking at me strangely, I just smiled and put some milk in a pan and put it on a low heat then added the warmed milk to the original pot of yogurt and put it in the airing cupboard overnight. In the morning it had set lovely so it went in the fridge for an hour or so to chill.I then served it up with some muesli and a hand full of blackberry’s,  and there you have it healthy nutritious and tasty.

Natural yogurt with honey and homemade blackberry syrup

Natural yogurt with honey and homemade blackberry syrup


I have since improved my technique which I will share with you.

Equipment I use:

My largest pan (stockpot)

a storage pot (to make and store the yogurt in)

Large round pastry cutter (to stand the storage pot on)

Thermometer (for, erm , measuring temperature)

Clean towel (for insulation)



500ml  milk or enough to fill your storage pot (any type, skimmed to full fat)

1 Tablespoon of natural yogurt (live)


First of all wash all your equipment then place the pastry cutter in the bottom of the stock pot then balance the storage pot on top and fill with milk to within 20mm of the top.

Top up the stock pot to near enough the same level as the milk with the hottest water you have from the tap and keep an eye on the temperature of the milk.

Natural homemade yogurt

As soon as the milk temperature reaches 46o C you need to lift your storage pot out and cool the water in the stockpot to 46o C by removing hot water and replacing the same amount of cold water back and giving it a stir.

When both the water in the stockpot and the milk are both at 46 put the storage pot with the milk in back onto the pastry cutter in the stockpot and carefully stir in a tablespoon of yogurt.

Fried Chicken-1-3Place the stockpot somewhere warm, I use my oven which I preheat on full wack for 60 seconds then keep the door closed to keep the heat in and leave it for about 6-8 hours.

By then the bacteria has done its thing and you can put the storage pot in the fridge to chill for an hour or so then serve as you see fit

This never ending tub of natural yogurt has been on the go since March and still going strong.

You could always buy a yogurt maker, but wheres the fun in that 🙂

So give it a go, If you like Natural yogurt in your smoothies then this will do the job and is also great for marinading meat in or making dressings and dips.

A truly versatile product that wont cost the earth

If you want Greek yogurt then simply strain it through muslin cloth for 1 hour to drain off some of the whey and thicken it up.


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