Cold Smoker

Nothing beats a nice bit of smoked bacon, and after scouring the web for ideas on how to make the best bacon I found I had a need for a smoker,, so I built one and this is how you can do it easily.


First off, if you already have a kettle type BBQ then you are halfway there, as this is your heat source.

After a trip to my local DIY store I had a garden waste incinerator and some flexible pipe and fittingsand some aluminium tape and thats all you total I spent less than £30.

I had a week to sort this out as the bacon was curing in the fridge and needed a week.

Step 1 in the assembly tape up all the holes in the bin inside and out with aluminium tape

Step 2 fit a pipe flange to the bin close to the bottom over one of the holes and seal with aluminium tape.

Step 3 fit the other flange to your BBQ’s vent and seal it with aluminium tape.

step 4 fit the pipe between the 2 flanges and you’re almost done.

Push some bamboo rods or skewers through the tapped holes and out the other side to hang your meat on

Thats it your done, set your charcoal going and keep adding a steady flow of soaked fruit wood to the embers to create smoke, get some meat hanging in your new smoker and some cheese as well if you like

Some people say you shouldn’t use a galvanised bin because of the fumes it gives off, but let me assure you that for this to happen your bin needs to reach around 300 degrees and doing it this way it will remain the same temperature as the air around it and is very safe, a lot of commercial cold smokers are galvanised

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